Sumatra Tiger

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Kerajaan : Animalia
Filum : Chordata
Kelas : Mammalia
Ordo : Carnivora
Famili : Felidae
Genus : Panthera
Spesies : P. tigris
Upaspesies : P. t. sumatrae

Sumatra tiger (Panthera Tigris sumatrae) only found on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Wild population is estimated between 400-500 tails, especially living in the Park-National Park in Sumatra. Sophisticated genetic testing has revealed the genetic markers that is unique, which indicates that this subspesies may develop into separate species, if successful sustainable

Sumatra tiger is the smallest tiger subspesies. Sumatra tiger males have an average length of 92 inches from head to tail with the weight of 300 pounds. Females have an average length of 78 inches and weight 200 pounds. Sumatra tiger stripe more sparse than other tiger subspesies. Subspesies also have more beard subspesies and surai than others, especially male tiger. Its small size that is easy to me to explore its jungle. There is a membrane in between the fingers that make them able to swim fast. Relax this in mind I retire to a corner its prey to the water, especially when the game is slow swimmers. Feather to its color changed into dark green during the birth.

Sembilang National Park is representative forest swamp peat moss, forests, freshwater swamp, forest and riparian (river bank) in the Province Sumatera Selatan.Regional-coastal / forest, especially in the Peninsula and Sembilang Banyuasin the Sumatra tiger habitat (Panthera Tigris sumatrae)

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Ir. hydir said...

hoh...what a fearsome animal is endangered species nowadays .. must help them against poachers

Dinoe said...

Nice info..kapan-kapan kalau cuti saya mau jalan2 kepalembang mau makan empek-empek yang enak itu he..he

zanu said...

wah tiger banget tu .. km pernah denger tiger punya loreng tulisan inggris .... the hidden of tiger .. hehehe ...
semangat brooo

Dale Rogers said...

I love the tiger. You have a very informative blog.

Sweet_Attrition said...

Tigers very beautiful animals. Thanks for the information

ЖАН said...

Your blogg also very good!!!

Mike said...

Very handsome cat!
This I Do...

Dadang Suherman said...

Lemak nian dra duku palembang tu, kirim2 lah

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