The Bitter Tongue (Legend Sumatra-South)

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(According to the story, the bitter tongue, if it does not see anything but the words are bitter).

Dileak bitter or the bitter tongue and the four brothers eye. The Four Eyes has two eyes in the other hind it. But from a distance, people can not see his eyes closed because it's hair. So if he'd like to see, hair raised. The Four Eyes has become king in the region Pagaruyung, which is far from here. Such is the story of the Four Eyes.

One day, the bitter tongue, want to create a pool of the sea. So he arranges the ground and carried it, but the land is scattered and fell into Bukit Barisan mountain. Among the Bukit Barisan mountain was named Mount Sepekul here that if the hill called the hill Kabes applaud. At the top of the hill ex-pat is looking for its fish (= fish?) When he would make the pond / dam in the river upside, upside Du'es upstream. Time that he was in the land transport Sepikul mountain before, come and have a say, "O, the bitter tongue, I need to have with you. Please, Stop!"

"You need to do," ask the bitter tongue?

"This is very important," he said.

"What's important," said the bitter tongue?

"My people are calling you, because the children died at home."

"Ah, where can my child died, and why he could die?"

"Yes, he is not there anymore."

"Ah, it is not possible. He was not sick, why do you say that he is not there?" They continue to argue. The bitter tongue is not happy with this man. But eventually (= do'o? - Not clear) he said, "My child truly died?"

Answer the man, "Died!" Bitter tongue return to his house and found her son dead right. That is why Mount Sepikul that have not been transported to the land cover in the river, in the upstream Ulau Du'es this.

Therefore, the name of the mountain Sepikul not be closed or the sea. If it is covered, and filled his Lebong Curup this, then this place can not be settled by humans because the sea has become. Its journey to see her son who died cause he was not so in the sea make this Lebong.

There is evidence that pat on the hill in the mountains Sepikul this place is even and there is also a stone seat is the bitter tongue of the fish with him Betung Bamboo. With Bamboo it Betung him fish in the lake in the hills clap test. Place it far in there, we do not know how far but said that sacred place or person is also called 'berilmu'. So there he used to fish, pat on the hill on the lake with bamboo Test Betung. That is where the so called Hill applaud.

One day, the Four Eyes heard that his brother was the bitter tongue of the people called for the bitter tongue of any of the definitive say so, except the dead. The curse if he becomes the rock is a rock person, so he juluki in the bitter tongue.

Finally, in the village Tapos, the two brothers meet to test the sacred knowledge of each. The two brothers that are high in knowledge. The Four Eyes you want to know why the bitter tongue, called a bitter tongue. So he said, "O my tongue, bitter, bitter words spoken to you people. My Four Eyes is also the champion.

I was a king in the region Pagaruyung and you are king-regional Rejang Lebong. Now we try the more powerful knowledge. Now here's how, "he said." One of us looking up at the sugar palm tree, the other at the bottom and looking up at the turn. Arriving at the top of the tree, he was to dive down on the people who are waiting longer, "said Four Eyes.

Both agree with the regulations. The bitter Lilah said, "Four Eyes, you used to sleep under and I will dive from the top of the tree enau that." So the Four Eyes lie pitch and plunge it telungkup bitter tongue from the top of the tree. Time is of the bitter tongue of him and still sail, the Eye Four men roll away the bitter so that Lilah does not fall on it.

Word of the Four Eyes, "You're not wrong of me, so you're less sacred. Now I turn to go above." Four of the actual eye is not because he can see with the eyes that it was in the occiput. So he does not die. After that turn, the bitter tongue. He lie face terjunlah ago the Four Eyes. The bitter Lilah can not see the eyes of four times he was four, so the eye could turn back right in the middle and on the liver and heart Ulu. Move heart and soul is dropping out. Die a bitter tongue.

The Four Eyes guffaw because he is winning, so he is more sacred. However, because of his pride that he would like to try how the tongue taste bitter tongue. The bitter words spoken, but what exactly he is bitter, do not know. Then he put the bitter tongue and tried to bite the tip of the little spoken. Once bitten, four died because of the eye to its bitter tongue, and also be lucky. So both of them died.

Now his grave, if not wrong in Tapos, but people have said in Pagaruyung. I do not know about it is correct. That story.

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