Waterfall Bidadari (Air Terjun Bidadadari)

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Angel Falls has a height of about 30 m with a width of about 10 m and below about 15 m. In addition to presenting the natural beauty of nature, its location was not too difficult to achieve.

In the vicinity of the location of the waterfall, there are 3 more Waterfall (Waterfall Bujang girl with a height of about 4 m, Waterfall Cleft with a height of about 35 m and Waterfall Dragon with a height of about 10 m) that can be enjoyed by browsing to the flow of Waterfall Angel to bottom Dragons Waterfall.

For Girls Bujang Waterfall is approximately 30 m from the Angel Waterfall. While Cleft Waterfall located approximately 80 m from the Waterfall girls Bujang. And Dragon Waterfall is approximately 50 m from Waterfall Cleft.

The beauty of Waterfall Angel has a special attraction, in addition to presenting the natural beauty of its location was easy to find.

Waterfalls are often used as a filming site is located in the village of Karang Pulau Pinang district, Lahat, South Sumatra.

In addition to the waterfall nymph, there are three other waterfalls namely flunky girls waterfall, waterfall waterfall cleft and dragons.

You can down to four this waterfall sequence good start from the waterfall nymph (top) and from the waterfall dragon (tebawah).

If fear of stray you can use the services of local people to guide, do not be afraid because the people around keramahnnya famous waterfall.

Experience down the waterfall will be an additional experience for those of you who like adventure and love a challenge.

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