Serelo Hill (Bukit Serelo)

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If you are traveling from Muara Enim, 20 km before entering the town of Lahat, the hill is clearly visible on the left. Underneath that is a complex to tame, train and educate the elephant. Approximately 40 individuals have tamed in this place, but only partially reliable for the visitors. You can also create a photo with the elephants. Staying give a tip of Rp. 5.000, - to the handler and you can pose as much. It does not matter whether you will be shooting for a film roll or slide. But do not forget to give gifts to the elephants, in the form of candy, nuts and so forth.

In some places below the hill there are several places for camping or recreation. The scouts and young children often visit those places. A small stream with clear water and not polluted, to refresh you.

Serelo hill, or by ordinary people also referred to as the Mount Point. People deserve to be proud Seganti Setungguan. Icon Lahat District is indeed dazzle the eye is looking. Not just the unique shape but the charm of the surrounding hills also support keindahanya. And River meanders Lematang the lifeblood of this some of Lahat Regency society.

It's not easy to just taste the wonderful panorama from the top of Bukit Batu this. In addition to track who is also the position of the steep road climbing almost 75 degrees and the slippery road. Besides, this is the Bukit Bukit Batu Serelo that only in a kind of bush plants tumbuhi by Ilalang Once we arrive at the slopes on either side there are only a few shrubs and trees Puspa. What merimbun in the crevice between the rocks. Can imagine if we get to slip and fall. Rock - sharp rock will surely welcome your body.

There are several places for climbers who want to set up a tent to stay. Namely in Coffee Plantation area Canyon's residents. About a half hour sabelum to the Mount. Or on top of hill. On top of the hill there is flat land size + / - 2.5 m X 3 m. precisely in the curve before it reached the peak. Indeed from the above we can see the panoramic views of the neighboring town of Muara Enim and Tanjung Enim

Serelo Hill is located about 20 km from the town of Lahat. Locals call it the Mount Point (part of the mountain hills Thumb hell .. but just curious as well), because a similar peak shape index finger sticking out into the sky.

But the author Recommend to be - though, if set up a tent on the hill. In addition to the cold wind power on a hill can fly the tent. So at the recommended for climbers to see the weather before setting up camp on the Mount.

From Peak Hill Serelo Lights - the lights look like a cluster of houses that do not miss the sun Bintang.Selain morning. (SunSet) Usually climbers will not miss the second - second sun this morning. It was here when the most anticipated by the climbers, namely between the hours of 5:00 am Up to 8:00 o'clock.

In addition to Hill Serelo not stand alone, all around there are also several beautiful hill viewed as Hill Rat, Virgin Hills, Bukit little finger (By Local people call the children at the Mount Serelo) and the author of Lost Hills is a hill Which name is said to find a place Pesugihan. From the Mount Also in Local scenery hills siguhkan Around, We can also see the beauty of the River divides Lematang Lahat District.

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