Qur'an Biggest in the World Launched

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PALEMBANG --- Akbar Al Qur'an or the Qur'an Manuscripts in the world finally finished making it. Qur'an measuring length or 177 cm high and 144 cm wide 2.5 cm thick with 30 full section of the Koran which are made of wood tembesu finally finished after working on Sofwatillah Mohzaib and his friends for approximately seven years.

Since Friday (15 / 5) Qur'an carving is shown to the people at the mosque floor III SMB Agung Palembang. "Since this day the public can see and make corrections to the content of the Qur'an that we do engraving. Previous Qur'an has been corrected by a team of scholars of the Qur'an and hafidz in Palembang, "said Sofwatillah.

According Sofwatillah, the Qur'an first carving in the world made of scrap wood has a number of pieces of wood 315 or 630 pages. "The idea of making the Qur'an Al Akbar already started in Ramadan 1422 H, the chip and the first exhibition on 1 Muharram 1423 H coincide or 15 March 2002. Alhamdulillah after nearly seven years of making can be finished and ready to be launched to the public. "

For the making of the Qur'an Al Akbar Sofwatillah is explained, the funds need more than Rp 1 billion. "The funds obtained from its creation of the donor. All donations include expenditures made by a committee of making the Qur'an Akbar, "he added.

From the list of donors who issued the committee making the Qur'an Al Akbar have listed 32 people with the amount of donor funds terhimpun of Rp 931,000,000. Among the list of donor names written Taufiq Kiemas, Sayid Agil Al Munawar (former Minister of Religion), Susilo Bambang Yudhyono (President of RI), Alex Noerdin (Musi Banyuasin regent now Governor of South Sumatra), Rosihan Arsyad (former Governor of South Sumatra is now Secretary General of koni Center ), Syahrial Oesman (former Governor of South Sumatra) and from state-owned (PTBA Tbk, PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Fertilizer and PT Kaltim).

The presence of the Qur'an Al Akbar get this response from various sections of the community in Palembang. Among the Head Office of the Department of Religion Sumsel, Najib said that Haitani, Akbar Al-Qur'an is a proud South Sumatra in the world because this is the first edition. Existence will attract people from Arab countries and the Middle East.

"The presence of the Qur'an Al Akbar this we also hope to motivate people to improve their understanding of the content of the Qur'an and decoration make it day-to-day life. We thank you as well as the award on the team, the donors, and scholars, "said he

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