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Pempek is a typical food from Palembang I made from fish & sago processed so that you have a delicious taste. Served with a spicy sauce (vinegar) I made from vinegar & red pepper add a savory, so it's ideal. various intervention pempek very day Palembang various pempek the egg, lenjer, lenjer, kapal selam, adaan, and so forth so that it is a by-pas by.

Pempek certainly not a new dish for you. Almost in every city in Indonesia, the snacks are sold. However, despite the tacky heart, not necessarily, is not it, you'll never make it. Because the word, making it difficult pempek ask forgiveness. If can, liat results. how to create pempek palembang normal for people in Palembang, namely:

Basic dough PEMPEK
500 grams of meat fish or fish stopple (select a truly fresh)
10 tablespoon ice water
2 1 / 2 tablespoon wheat flour
150 grams of starch flour
2 tsp salt
1 / 2 tsp vetsin

How to create:
Fish with a smooth filter until soft

Enter the ice water, vetsin, and salt. Aduk until sticky. Add wheat flour and starch while diuleni not to stick more in the.

The form of the dough according to the type of pempek

1. The fresh fish, the better the results pempek that you create. Try saving it in the refrigerator or freezer
2. Many variations of the recipe pempek. That should be remembered, the more liquid (water), the more starch to be added. Usually, the results become more elastic.
3. If you are having difficulties establishing pempek, lumuri your hands with flour starch.
4. Pempek always fry in hot oil so that pempek no glue in the bottom of pan. Very well if you use a frying pan with teflon material. Fry pempek should not be too long to not shatter and explode.

250 grams of brown sugar, be combed
50 grams tamarind
2 tsp vinegar
750 ml water
5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 tablespoon mashed Ebi
20 fruit chili sauce, mashed
1 tablespoon tongcai, finely chopped
1 teaspoon salt
How to create:
Boil brown sugar, tamarind, water, vinegar and filtered ago.
Insert garlic, Ebi, cayenne, salt, and tongcai.
Boil again and lift.

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Eza said...

Yum... Yum...
Kek na enak tuu...
Jd pengen nie... ahay... ^_^

Rumah Islami said...

ehmmm uenaknya....favorit makanan saya dari kecil empek2 dapat jodohnya orang palembang prabumulih...

Anonymous said...

Очень интересно блюдо, к сожаления
I do not write in English по этому могу отвечать только на русском-)))

irmasenjaque said...

Pempek salah satu makanan favoriteku loh....sayangnya sampa sekarang blm kesampaian jalan2 ke kota asalnya palembang... kamu keren !

v3's spot said...

gw suka bgt pempek nih...
pengen bgt pempek yg bener2 asi dr palembang...

oia, salam kenal juga...
aku fitri

mutia said...

hmm,, pempek so much..
salam kenal balik ya indra...

BNIS PIK said...

We like pempek2!

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