Limas House

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Limas house is a traditional house prototype Palembang, in addition to the roof with a pyramid-shaped, has a pyramid home characteristics; - Limas-shaped roof - the house sided board, with the division of space that has been defined (standard) graded-level.(Kijing)The entire roof and walls and floors in the house prop up poles that are embedded in the ground - The ornaments and carvings that show the charisma and the identity of the house Most houses Limas width reaches 400 to 1000 square meters or more, which was established in the top of the pole Onglen pole-wood and wood used to frame tembesu visible influence of Islam on the ornaments and carvings that are on the pyramid house.

Simbas (Platy Cerium Coronarium) become the main symbol carved in it. Philosophy is a holy place and there is a respectable house in the architecture pyramid. Main space is considered honorable elephant room (Kawi language = royal audience hall) located at the top and right under the roof of the pyramid in the crutch by Alang Sunan Sunan and Sako. There is a divan Diruang elephant (Central / Musyawarah place), which is of high elephant room (+ / - 75 cm).

This room is the center of Rumah Limas both for traditional life and decor. as there is a locker room divider is decorated so that the show / etlege from the property owner's house.
Pangkeng (sleeping room) there is a wall, either dikanan and dikiri. To enter the room or Pangkeng this, we have to go through dampar (box), located in the door that serves as a storage place for household equipment. In the back room of all there is Pawon (kitchen) lantainya the same level with the floor Gegajah but no longer under the auspices of the roof of bananas sesisir. With the form of room and floor-berkijing gravestone, the house is the Limas house naturally set keprotokolan a tidy, seat guests at the charity is determined by the status in the community

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mylan said...

ih rumahnya bagus banget, tapi kapan ya bisa ke Palembang ?

ejans said...

rumah yg bisa kelihatan di kampung2 di Malaysia khususnya Johor.. rasanya foto ini dari taman di Danga bay, Johor Bahru..

banyak sungguh persamaan antara budaya Palembang dan Malaysia yg telah saya pelajari dari blog kamu ini =)

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