Belida Fish (C. lopis)

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Scientific Classification
Kerajaan: Animalia
Filum: Chordata
Kelas: Actinopterygii
Ordo: Osteoglossiformes
Famili: Notopteridae
Genus: Chitala
Spesies: C. lopis

Fish lopis, Belida, or flat river fish species are classified in the tribe of Notopteridae (having a certain fish knife). This type can be found in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, and Peninsular Malaya, although it is already difficult due to damage by the quality of the river and catching. Fish is a raw material for a similar characteristic of crackers known as the Palembang kemplang. Previously lopis also be used for making pempek but is now replaced with tenggiri. Appearance also makes it unique in the aquarium kept as ornamental fish.

Because of the potential economic and endangered, research institutions try preparing its cultivation technology. Until 2005, the Central Air Tawar Mandiangin Cultivation, in South Kalimantan have been trying to cultivation, and enhance fish seed Belida.

fish eater fish krustasea and small-sized 1.5-7kg (adults), with the characteristic of having a certain fish knife: back escalate so that the stomach looks flat and wide. Lopis fin characterized through the rectum connects with its tail fin was right in the back of the belly fin associated with the scale-small scale. The form of the head near the back concave and the length of his jaw in accordance with the increase far exceeded the age limit up to the back of the eye on the fish that are large. Female belly fin has a relatively short and does not close the urogenital, genitals rounded shape. When (mature gonad) the stomach expand and squeeze gender. Male belly fin has a longer and close the urogenital, genitalia-shaped tube, the size is smaller than the female. When ready to copulate male genitals and squeeze out liquid and white (sperm fluid) if it is pressed / sorted.

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ahmad nalfa said...

terima kasih.... asli palembang yo???

Indra said...

hi... introduce..I am Indra..I am happy with your blog

bodrox said...

ikan belido :)

masmpep said...

belida? jadi ingat pindang belida. pempek. kemplang. sayang, saya belum pernah mencoba pepes belida.

salam kenal juga.

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