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Musi River is the longest river in Sumatera Island with 750Km long.Musi river is located in the middle of Palembang city,where separated Palembang to two region that is, Ilir Region in North, and Ulu region it South.Water source Musi river from Kepahiang territory,Bengkulu.

Since Sriwijaya Kingdom,Musi river is famous as the main transportation facility of citizens.In the river bank there are a harbor that named Boom Baru harbor and Sultan Mahmud Baharuddin II Museum.From Musi river bank.especially in afternoon we can see sunset and in evening we can the lamps beauty in Musi river bank and Ampera Bridge beauty in evening too.Ampera bridge is relate,Palembang in Ulu region and Palembang in Ilir region.In evening,this bridge is looked to beautyfull that so many people of ten in o to river musi only to see beauty around in musi river.

Besides the beauty,that are mentioned above, we also can see Rakit House is traditional House Palembang. We also can rent speed boat to go around or across musi river.In particular days like independence day,in musi river always held water festival like ships competition,ship decoration contess,swimming competition , etc.

If you visit to musi river or Palembang city, Don’t forget to try typical food this region,The typical food likes pempek, pindang,and kerupuk.

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