The tomb of Ki Gede Ing Suro

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Ki Gede Ing Suro tomb is located in Village 1 East ilir ilir District II was built in the mid-sixteenth century. Here there are 8 buildings containing 38 pieces of which there are graves graves Ki Gede Ing Suro, which is the forerunner of Kings Palembang.

According to history in the 16th century a Javanese nobleman named Sido Ing Ocean came to Palembang with his followers. Then he was succeeded by his son named Ki Gede Ing Suro in 1552 and founded the kingdom of Palembang.

Therefore he has no son then he raised his nephew named Ki Mas Anom to hold power with the degree of Palembang Kingdom of Ki Gede Ing Suro Mudo.
This ancient cemetery is now part of the green line (green barrier) PT Pusri. In the cemetery is included in the administrative area of ​​Village 1 Ilir, Palembang District IT II, ​​there are eight buildings with a total number of tomb 38.

One of the figures who is buried in the cemetery which was built around the mid 16th century it was Ki Gede Ing Suro. He is the founder of the Islamic empire of Palembang, which later became the Sultanate of Palembang Darussalam.

Ki Gede Ing Suro was the son of Ki Gede Ing Ocean, one of the 24 nobles from Demak who fled to Palembang, after turmoil in the Islamic empire was the largest on the island of Java. This chaos is a long series of royal history's largest archipelago, after the kingdom of Srivijaya kingdom of Majapahit.

Raden Fatah, who was born in Palembang is the son of the last king of Majapahit, the UB V. Raden Fatah was born of Chinese princess called Princess Champa, after the wife of UB was sent to Palembang and given to the son of UB, Ariodamar or Abdillah or Ario Ario Dillah.

As an adult, together with Raden Raden Fatah Frame, son of Ario Dillah with China Princess sent back to the Majapahit. By UB V, Raden Fatah ordered to settle in Demak or Bintoro father while another brother, Raden frames, was appointed as the Duke in Eggplant.

During the late fifteenth century, Islam in Java start strong. When there is invasion by Muslims against the Majapahit Hindu Empire soldiers were defeated and King UB V aside until later died. Thus ended the power of Majapahit.

After the fall of Majapahit, Sunan Ngampel Denta (guardian of the oldest in Walisongo) set Raden Fatah as a Javanese king succeeded his father. Of course, with Islamic rule.

Raden Fatah, assisted by the trustees, then move the center of power from Surabaya to Demak once spread Islam in this area. The help of the ruler and the people in
areas that have escaped from Majapahit, among others, Tuban, Gresik, Jepara, Raden Fatah founded the Muslim kingdom of Demak, about the year 1481 AD

He became the first king of the title-Rahman Jimbun Ngabdur Panembahan Palembang Sayidin Panata Religion. Raden Fatah who died around 1518 AD, replaced by his son, Prince Sabrang Pati Unus or Lor who died in 1521 AD

Substitute Pati Unus is Trenggono Prince (d. 1546 AD). The death of the third Sultan of Demak this is the beginning of a prolonged chaotic in the Islamic empire that could have a major influence in the archipelago that. Throne becomes bone of contention between the brothers Trenggono with his son.

His brother, known as Prince Ing Seda Lepen Trenggono murdered son, Prince Prawata. Tempest continued with the murder of Prawata by Ing Lepen Seda Son, Aryan or Aryan Penangsang Jipang in 1549 AD

Trenggono-law, Prince Kalinyamat, also was killed. Arya Penangsang Adiwijaya finally died murdered. Trenggono-law is known as Jake Tingkir, Duke Pajang ruling was later move the center of the kingdom to Pajang. Thus, the end was the power of Demak in 1546 AD after succeeding for 65 years.

As a result of that crisis, as many as 24 people were descendants of Sultan Trenggono (that is, descendants of Raden Fatah) moved to Palembang under the leadership of Sido Ki Gede Ing Ocean. After Ki Gede Ing Sido Ocean that had power in Palembang died, replaced by his son, Ki Gede Ing Suro. Because the king has no descendants, he replaced his brother, Ki Gede Ing Suro Mudo.

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