Tomb Kawah Tekurep

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Crater Tengkurep tomb is the tomb of Sultan Mahmud Badarudin family. The tomb is located at the intersection of three new boom, it is said, in the crater tengkurep door has no hinges. The tomb is visited by many pilgrims and students to add his insights ...This building has a concrete roof of a cauldron-shaped face / reverse. This place was built in 1756 by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Jayo Wikramo (Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I) who ruled in 1724-1758.

In addition to this complex of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I buried too high priest (his teacher) that Sayid Imam Al-Idrus Idrus originating from South Yemen as well as his wife, namely:

1. Queen Sepuh
2. Queen Supreme
3. Mas Ayu Ratu (Ban Liem Nio)
4. Nyimas Naimah.

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