Kapitan village

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Kampung Kapitan China is a heritage building located on the edge of the Musi River, Palembang. Kampong age homes has reached more than 400 years. Consists of 15 group Chinese-style building houses on stilts in the village located 7 Ulu, Kecamatan Seberang Ulu 1.

Actually, this kampong houses there that inhabit it and in wait by Chinese descent, the front page of this house was built the park is quite beautiful with the pillars upon which given the beacon which is quite a lot and there is also the stage which has also been prepared, either for Dulmuluk or other performing arts.

If you want to go to this place is actually very easy, if you are already in plaster (courtyard) side of the river opposite direction musi ulu, you just walk while enjoying the beach Musi. If the BKB enough disposable armpit across Rp. 2000 and headed toward the village. An alley that has been laid out neatly lived until you pass into this ward.
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