Bala Putra Dewa Museum

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Bala Putra Dewa Museum was built in 1977 with the traditional architecture of Palembang on an area of ​​23,565 square meters and was inaugurated on November 5, 1984.
At first the museum was named the State of South Sumatra province, then based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No.: 1223/1990 dated 4 April 1990 the Museum was named Museum of South Sumatra Province Bala Putra Dewa.
Bala Putra Dewa name comes from the name of a king who ruled Srivijaya in VIII-IX centuries to reach the kingdom of Maritime.
In this museum there are collections that illustrate the diverse patterns of culture and nature of South Sumatra. Koleksnya consists of various objects histografi felologi ethnography, ceramics, modern technology, art, flora and fauna and geology. In addition there are houses and houses Ulu Limas original, we can see by using public transport route km 12
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