5000 Year Old Site

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Amazingly, two grave sites-shaped stone building stone houses, found in coffee plantation area Pagarangung Talang Village, District Dawn Moon, Lahat regency, South Sumatra.

According to Akhmad Rivai of Preservation Hall's Office of Archaeological Heritage (BP3) working area of ​​Jambi, Bengkulu and Babylon, finding the location of the site's stone tomb, located eight kilometers from the city Pagaralam, or 60 miles from Lahat.

Location of the discovery site is located in the area of ​​coffee plantations owned by Lukman, resident of Kingdom Land, District Dawn Moon, Lahat, located about 200 meters from the village road.

Site tomb stone was thought to originate from the time purbalaka or 4000-5000 BC. Hmm, not yet born Nesi tuh! Miraculously, the condition is still intact. Though a grave but not found a human skeleton as a tomb.

The position of the building was not changed unless there is a stone that was on the scene was already cracked. Currently in the location of the discovery of a stone tomb site is already protected.

Research and excavation of the site is also often performed. From the results of excavations in one room and found the stone slab carved statue of a human-shaped head. On each grave stone, there are also sculptures and paintings.

"By building a stone house or the site, there is a door measuring 1.60 meters high by two meters wide, and then one more building height measuring 1.65 meters and 1.50 meters wide, which are sculptures and paintings and statues shaped head humans, "said Akhmad Rivai.

Objects recovered from excavations is now secured the local government. A number of research remains to be done as many things as yet unknown age. Heritage objects must be protected. Because it is one of Indonesia's valuable.

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