Sriwijaya University (UNSRI)

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Sriwijaya University (Sriwijaya) is a public university in Palembang, Indonesia, which stood on October 29, 1960. Rector in the year 2007-2011 is Prof.. DR. Hj. Badia Perizade, MBA.
Until the 97th graduation ceremony on December 21, 2010, alumni Unsri numbered 76 604 people consisting of 19 doctors, 3753 S2/Sp1 people, 56,922 of S1, and the diploma program S0 15 910 people.

The idea to have a college in South Sumatra have been around since the early 1950s, which triggered a reception occasion of Independence Day celebrations August 17, 1952. Initiated by some community leaders, was transformed into an agreement to form a "Committee Fakultet South Sumatra." Towards the end of August 1952, with a variety of considerations, determined that the first to be established is the faculty of economics. For that formed "Committee for Economic Fakultet South Sumatra" which is managed by a foundation that was established on April 1, 1953 with the name "Foundation of Higher Education Sjakhjakirti".

Economic Fakultet officially opening under the Foundation of Higher Education Sjakhjakirti was conducted on October 31, 1953 in a ceremony attended by Mr. Hadi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Education Teaching and Culture (KDP), Drg. M. Isa (Governor of South Sumatra), Bambang Utoyo (Commander of the Sriwijaya II TT) and Ali Gathmyr (Chairman of the Parliament of South Sumatra).

Complement the efforts of universities in South Sumatra, followed by the Foundation of Higher Education Sjakhjakirti by forming Organizing Committee Faculty of Law. On November 1, 1957, coinciding with the celebration of Dies Natalis IV Faculty of Economics, diresmikanlah faculty with the name 'Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge. "

Development then continued with the help of Territorial II Sriwijaya Military Authorities that provide financial assistance under on establishing a permanent building Sjakhjakirti Foundation of Higher Education in the Big Hill (now Unsri Hill Campus). First stone laying ceremony took place on October 31, 1957.

The next effort is penegerian existing colleges such. With the persistent struggle of community leaders Sumsel when it, among others, Colonel Aaron Sohar (Commander as Chairman Paperda TT II / Sriwijaya) and A. Bastari (Governor), the barriers that still exist for the establishment of state universities in Kilkenny can be overcome. A delegation was sent to Jakarta in December 1959 to meet the Minister of KDP (Mr. Moh Yamin) managed to obtain a government guarantee willingness to take over college Sjakhjakirti became a state university. With Government Regulation no. 42 of 1960 dated October 29, 1960 (No. 1960 State Lambaran. 135) finally stood Sriwijaya University of opening took place on 3 November 1960 in the signing ceremony by President Sukarno, the founding charter, witnessed by Minister of KDP (Mr. Priyono) and several Ambassadors friendly countries. As President of the University who first raised Drg. M. Jesus, who was appointed by Presidential Decree No. 696 / M of 1960 dated 29 Okober 1960.

To meet the demands of development, Unsri then plans to add campuses, outside the existing Big Hill, with liberating the land area of ​​712 hectares, in Indealaya, Ogan Ilir Komering (Now Ogan Ilir-OI), in 1982. Development of a new campus was started in 1983 with financial support Asian Development Bank (ADB), which physically started in 1989 and ended on 31 December 1993. South Sumatra Governor Ramli Hasan Basri H gave his inaugural lecture to mark the beginning of new academic activities on campus this Inderalaya on September 1, 1993. Utilization of facilities on campus Inderalaya fully implemented by the Decree of the Rector in January 1995 which stipulated that starting on February 1, 1995 all activities of administration and most of the academic activities held on campus Inderalaya. Campus Inauguration of new real Unsri Indralaya held on March 6, 1997 by President Soeharto

Sriwijaya University's vision in 2020 was "Sriwijaya University in the second decade of the 21st century is a university in Indonesia termuka research-based, have advantages in various branches of science, particularly in developing natural resources, to produce a pious man to God Almighty, quality, high have a certain character, cultured, vibrant scientific, and mastered and be able to use science, technology, information, and the arts to improve the welfare of mankind ".

To realize its vision, mission Unsri set as follows:

1. Organize, foster and develop higher education in an effort to produce educated people who can apply, develop and / or creating science and technology and / or art;
2. organize, foster and develop higher education in order to produce empirical knowledge, theory, concepts, methodologies, models, new information on new ways of working, which enriches the science and technology and / or art;
3. organize, maintain and develop community service by applying science in an effort to contribute for the betterment of society; and
4. modern higher education organized and efficient.

Jasmine flower is a sacred flower symbolizes purity, elegance, nobility, dignity and loyalty to ideals. In the illustrated five-crown emblem flower (corolla) with light yellow color. Five crown flower symbolizes the philosophy of Pancasila as the Indonesian nation, whereas yellow color represents the color of the University.

Chrysanthemum flower as a symbol of the oldest found in the history of Srivijaya. On the emblem depicted crown flowers (corolla) of twisted interest (marginal flower), numbering 31, a twisted yellow gold. The number 31 symbolizes the date of birth Unsri on October 31, 1960 and golden yellow color symbolizes the majesty of Srivijaya. Crown flower twisted to the right which resulted in the tip petals leading to the left meant that the university is run in step with the rotation period.

Light symbolizes knowledge, which illuminates the universe, shows that only with SCIENCE ignorance can be eliminated. Science depicted with light (nur) of 60 with 10 rays of light, means that in October 1960.

The words "UNIVERSITY SRIWIJAYA" written in white letters on a black base menlingkar in chrysanthemums. Black melembangkan ignorance. With the light, ignorance can be eliminated, which lambangkan with white letters on the words signify UNIVERSITY SRIWIJAYA Unsri as a warehouse of knowledge.

Motto "SCIENCE TOOLS DEDICATED" written in gold letters on a black base which is located in the bottom of the emblem scarf. This motto symbolizes that human being must be devoted to God, country, nation, community, and family. Devotion is not accompanied with science is not perfect.

Unsri as belonging to the Indonesian people who live berfalsafah Pancasila always with full power and dynamics to increase knowledge in order to combat the ignorance that is an obstacle for the people of Indonesia to achieve the ideals of a just and prosperous society and the blessings of God Almighty.

Sriwijaya University has two campuses are in Inderalaya (Ogan Ilir) and in Bukit Besar (Kilkenny). Kampus Bukit Besar Palembang extent of 32.5 hectares, used for academic activities S0 (D3), S2 and S3, also intended for S1 and Extension Program Graduate Program.

Main campus with an area of ​​712 hectares Inderalaya located 38 kilometers to the south of the city of Palembang, the Center for Educational Activities for Bachelor level (S1). On campus there are also Inderalaya Central Office Administration (KPA), Central Library, Institute of Language, Research, Institute of Community Services, Computer Center, Student Activity Center, Community Health Center, Health Clinic, and University Fire Station.

Unsri also has experimental garden covering 50 hectares in area Gelumbang (62 miles south of Palembang), Unsri also has a Campus Faculty of Medicine at the Hospital Complex Mohammad Hoesin Palembang, and Campus Graduate street Salasa Bukit Padang Besar Palembang.

As a student of alternative modes of transportation other than buses, from Palembang-Inderalaya and vice versa, the government has provided facilities Railroad "Kertalaya" which was inaugurated by the Minister of Transportation Jusman Syafii Djamal in early February 2009. The name "Kertalaya" itself is a fragment of the two station names that became the starting point and the end of his journey: Kertapati and Indralaya. Railbus series consists of 3 sets of wagon (carriage) of passengers, with load capacity of each 110 people sitting and standing, with a ratio of 36 people sitting and standing 74 people. This makes the Sriwijaya University as the only campus university in Indonesia that students served by special leave campus by using the wagon train.

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