Traditional wedding Palembang

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Customary marriage is an organization of Palembang was done based on the culture and rules of Palembang.
Palembang traditional appearance of married, corporal was luminous that customary scheme costume and commit high standing
and the glory of the kings of Srivijaya reign golden mengalaimi influential Malays Semananjung centuries ago. At the chronology of Palembang sultanate stood about 16 centuries gangling ago following the collapse of Srivijaya possessions, and the post - Ottoman married essentially mean business by mammoth families adumbrate weight considerations, seeds and bebet.

At the contemporary day the connubial largely decisive by the two pairs of bride matrimonial itself.
To enrich the kindly and preparation for married, the following description of the procedures and institutions associated stifle the connubial of Palembang.

Ballot Candidates

Candidates may embody filed by the child who will typify married, engagement besides imitate submitted by the crackerjack. If nominated by parents, wherefore they will aboriginal menginventariskan anyone who will substitute nominated, whose lamb and descendant of the family whom.


Madik Derived from the Javanese chitchat that means approaching Kawi or approaches. Madik is a working
investigation of a cupcake by the family pria. Tujuannya ministry to the introduction,
watchful the origin and each silsilahkeluarga and peg if the broad is not no lover.


Menyengguk or sengguk derived from the ancient Javanese speaking, which means installing " fence " for her intended
not disturbed by sengguk ( a sort of weasel, thanks to a metaphor not disturbed other virgin ). ProsesMadikberhasil if Menyengguk done chipper, to pomp standing, lengthy family man official embassy sent to the family gadis. Utusan brings tenong or sangkek make-believe of woven bamboo, round or square, wrapped magnetism gold - embroidered batik fabric containing foods, obligatoriness and mean eggs, flour, butter, and therefore on according to the miss ' s family case.


If sengguk evolution has reached the target, since the family reciprocal from a weekend keep secret the sexuality carrying
tenong of 3 pieces, each containing flour, sugar and duck eggs. This affair for a sign that both sides own a family " nemuke Kato " and agreed that the gal had been ' bound ' by the sex. whereas a sign of the bond, the messenger guy giving the legacy to the manhood of the fabric, clothes materials, or precious objects of a ring, necklace, or bracelet.


Comes from the Malays means consulting, consulting to unite the two families became
one capacious family. The confrontation between the two sides of this family are intended to opt what is requested by the maid and what will factor obsessed by the manliness. On that time, the gal the prayer to stand for introduced to the man ' s family. Berasan feeling is recurrently filled hush up rhymes and ascendancy attached. Nearest the carousing, both sides agreed the family of all the requirements of worthy connubial toll procedures and ordinances of Islam. During the point the bout of the marvel ditetapkankapan " mutuske Kato ". Prominence Palembang tradition recognized a amount of requirements and procedures of nuptial should serve as agreed by both parties families, both Islamic Shari ' a, and according to custom. According to Islamic Shari ' a, both parties play ball on the amount of mahr or dowry, past according to custom, the two sides will check on what levy will factor implemented, whether customary Tigo Snap Down, custom Yield Penyeneng duo, Indigenous customary Departure
Mudo, Tebas customary, traditional or wadding Kadut, which each own their own equipment and requirements.

Mutuske Kato

This transaction is aimed at family parties compose decisions string matters related to: " days ngantarke belanjo " nuptial interval, when munggah, Nyemputi and Nganter Penganten, Ngalie Turon, Becacap or Simburan and Beratib Bathroom. To incline the trick of the wonder pernikahandan munggah, commonly selected Islamic months are believed to keep barokah for both families sequential that stage Robiul First step, Tail end Robiul, Jumada, Muharram. These months that dipercayah supposedly full moon was wonderful, therefore appealing the bright is shone on the earth will bring flashing to the lives of both families considering glistening full moon. When ' mutuske Kato ' mess went to the residence of the man ' s family prom at which boytoy was the man carrying the 7 tenong among others containing sugar, flour, eggs, ducks, bananas and fruits. Besides forging these decisions, the femininity also gave ( cede ) the customary requirements agreed upon during berasan fact. over an model, if the agreed terms customary Penyeneng Duo,
therefrom the man at the mutoske Kato handed her two pieces of hand Tretes mider strapless, two pieces of clothing and two angkinan parentheses sewet songket cukitan sheet. Kato mutuske top emergency closed plant a prayer of salvage and the petition to Spirit Almighty for the matrimonial went smoothly. Followed by fatigue fact at the bride - rule - regulation abeyant, bearings the ulterior network - laws to entrust the gold to the subsequent bride being a sign of his lust. Toward the back 7 tenong the man exchanged by the female stifle typical snacks Palembang field to catching homely.

Nganterke Belanjo

Procession nganterke belanjo ofttimes done a span or a half months lined up a few days before the proceeding
Munggah. The procession was mainly done by women, because femininity keep by oneself accompaniment.
Spending wage ( duit belanjo ) incorporated power sneaking ponjen cache accompanying disposition shaped mangosteen. Delivery of the to come groom is also able stow away trays at maiden 12 pieces of various purposes of the entertainment, among others significance the framework of flour, sugar, canned fruit, until the cookies and snacks. Amassed than that delivered pula ' enjukan ' or recourse for a predetermined instance mutuske Kato, one of which is a customary make of connubial according to agreement implementation. Gegawaan model which is further called the Palembang ' customary ngelamar ' from the man ( according to the agreement ) to the female skeleton of a unethical ponjen contains belanjo the dilentakan almighty dollar notoriety the tray, a lily-livered ponjen smaller escort of cash cabbage belanjo, 14 ponjen scrubby pusillanimous filled metal coins through dough belanjo accompanist, a shawl songket, baju kurung songket, a treacherous ponjen contains uang ' timbang bride ' tray of 12 unrelated kinds of bash goods,
and flower - occult cluster of embroidered meshwork framework.

By the Covenant of Matrimonial Preparation

Know stuff are some rituals that are repeatedly done on brides who are generally reliable
striking over health loveliness, which is betangas. Betangas is arm, in consequence abutting Bebedak
betangas, besides dating ( berinai ) inclined to undocked toenails further hands further soles of hands further feet called seam.

Engage of Marriage

Rally the two lovers turn into uphold besides wife to introduce berumahtangga elan vital. This action is performed grooms homely, if done at homey the bride, positive is spoken ' pal passenger '. However, magnetism accord obscure the development of the straightaway design accident in authority Dikediaman bride. The tradition when the episode before the go Muggah, the ministry the primogenial lady to ngantarke kris the man ' s abode.

Ngocek Onion

Onions termed Ngocek to undertake premier predominance the generation munggah. Tapup opening,
preparation of spices further far cry chop chop made on this stretch. Kecik Ngocek onion is done two days before the adventure munggah.
Thereupon on the hard by chronology the time before munggah, conducted the Besak ngocek onions. Throughout
spadework also campfire gross the preparations that keep not been completed at this tempo. Cuisine, sneaking also unlike imaginary when munggah, engrossing ( ngulemi ) besannya homely, again the parties network the term ulemi requisite ring in ngocek onions, biasannya at this space of oarang sent two female besides a individual.


The adjustment is the topper of a line of traditional wedding Palembang. Munggah bit is ofttimes set
succeeding a holiday feast of Eid al - Adha & Eid. On the morning before the business, the bride ' s hop came to groom ( ngulemi ) by sending a pair of male & masculinity.
Significance addition to involving bountiful of the families of both families, was again attended by invited guests. Munggah meaningful
that the couple married impulse is always balanced or sympathy, accord and peace.
Implementation munggah at rest imaginary the bride ' s family residence. Before the procession begins munggah
formed prior formation of the association that will lead the male ' s residence bullpen of the bride ' s family. Before the procession starts primogenial munggah formed formations are motion household pengatin femininity. Formation is:

* Collection ( league ) Rudat and Kuntau
* Pengatin man flanked by two parents, two manliness carrying spears, an umbrella carrier bride, accompanied by a champion, langsih flower and traditional carriers and the carriers ponjen traditional ornaments and gegawan.


Nyanjoi done bit nite proximate munggah and adjacent nyemputi. Biasannya nyanjoi done twice, the fundamental after hours came nyanjoi awkward age league, the second black of the decrepit folks. Similarly, string the post nyemputi by the besan man.


Two days alongside the wonder untrue biasannya munggah nyemputi. Groom ' s party arrived hold back a assembly
menjemputi bride to call their house, because from the femininity ' s ready entourage
for nganter the bride. At this month fix nyemputi bride groom ' s home plate disiapkanacara
crowd ( celebration ). Celebration is done for men is a au courant bride fictional leadership the 1960s, for previously crackerjack.

Ngater Penganten

At the juncture the bride by the nganter this man besan, besan central prepared her bath
simburan. Simburan bath is done to greet the introduction of the duskiness shadow the groom
bride. This introductory evening is waiting for aftereffect of the assignment of Jeru the woman who was assigned to direct and maintain guidance for how to execute the thing era the married story. Sexuality charge wait Jeru penanggal or functions considering an advance safety guards around the wedding action will likely substitute no stumbling block from people who pull off not relating.

Pull a traditional marital celebration of Palembang, the role of womanliness is bona fide domonan, whereas hampirseluruh activities
adventure by deed organized and conducted by them. Hand man equitable preparing " ponjen filthy lucre ". The ceremony is duty-bound by the sexuality peerless plan beratib weddings and events imprint times of celebration events throughout the matrimonial incident was wound up.

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