Punti Kayu Garden

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1. Location and Area
TWA Punti Kayu area of 50 ha located in Musi Banyuasin South Sumatera Province

2. Legal Status
Punti Kayu TWA appointed by Decree of the Minister of Forestry

No. 57/Kpts-II/1985 dated March 7, 1985 is set based on selanjutanya the Minister of Forestry Decree No. 602/Kpts-II/1992 dated October 7, 1992
c. Flora and Fauna
Flora; merkusii pine, mahogany (Switenia zwageri), Pulai (Alstonia grannensis), Albasia (Albisia falcata), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp), acacia (Acacia mangium and Acacia auriculiformis), eucalyptus (Meulaleuca leucadendron), absorbed (Meulaleuca meulaleusa) etc..

Fauna: monkeys (Macaca nemistrina), long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) ground squirrels (Lariscus sp) snake (Phiton sp) bird king prawns (Alcyon cloris), robins, robin, bird Snipes, birds lathe.


Management activities in the area is often used as a practice of biology education, natural path and scout camp Wanabakti saka. Forest Tourism Punti Kayu until now beautify themselves with a lot of improvement and development of both facilities are basic and supporting facilities. So finally able to meet the public taste and the surrounding city of Palembang.

Some existing facilities include:

Fishing pier, open stage, a suspension bridge, plaza, art market, Pesanggrahan, boat dock, the path (all more or less 2 km), resting benches, public toilets or public toilets, building information, the manager's office, the arena of child's play, facilities sports (basketball and Volly), campsite, garden lights, traffic park, arena riding, roller skating rink, swimming boating, etc. appropriate parking.

5. Manager

Balai KSDA South Sumatra

Jl. Kol. H. Barlian / Punti Kayu Km.6 No. 79

Tel. [0711] 410,948 PO Box: 1288

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This is it, a tourist destination palembang community. Well, if you want to find a driver guide, contact "sopir profesional", Ok.

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