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In general, the food dough pempek Palembang use, but only burgolah different. Besides omelet shaped skin incision, which is flat and roll in flour made from rice, but burgo eaten with the sauce laksan or celimpungan. The menu is often presented in the Month of Ramadan. Therefore, for the visitor should be present during the fasting month just to enjoy this special menu.

Burgo is one of the typical community food palembang, made from rice flour. Coil-shaped thin and served with sauce.
Burgo is one of the typical food Palembang. The Lakso, which is shaped like noodles, food made from this in the rice into flour until ditumbuk. Some of the mixture that is also typical with burgu is lontong, and having a speech impediment. To feel the pleasure in his effort during the morning. Because of this menu is available in the stalls Burgo and lakso, precisely at the corner street Merdeka 26 Ilir Palembang.

Palembang specialty cuisine is sauce with sour taste, and are not excluded if almost every cuisine is mixed with vinegar. For those of you who do know more details for comfort food burgo this, your trips to flee the city of Palembang. Moreover, it is available flight from Jakarta to Palembang as much as 49 times in a week using the Garuda Indonesia.

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cHa said...

tampak menggiurkan!
asli palembang kah???

izulthea said...

waw, mantab bgt bro makanannya, gw aja pengen ke palembang lagi sekedar makan martabak har, pempek, tekwan, burgo!!!! wedew, nikmat hh...nyamnyam

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