Palembang plan floating hotel on the Musi River

Palembang City Government plans to set up a floating hotel on the River Musi to encourage tourism ahead of the implementation of the Asian Games in 2018.

Head of the Department of City Planning in Palembang Palembang Isnaini Madani, said Tuesday it plans to get a positive response from the provincial government for the tourism sector in the city of Palembang is expected to be more varied.

"The plan, this floating hotel will mimic the shape of the house because the house raft raft is already known as a part of the culture of the community banks of the Musi River," said Isnaini.

Related to the management of the hotel, according to the city government opened the private sector who are interested in the opportunity to develop it.

If in the end there is interest, the city government will manage its own.

"It should be privately managed in order to be able termaksimalkan commercial side, but it does not mean the government can not if in the end there is interest," he said.

Earlier, a foreign investor interested in building a five-star hotel on the banks of the Musi River region to capture business opportunities when Palembang to host the Asian Games in 2018.

Acting Mayor Harnojoyo some time ago said the government is reviewing the investor wishes to remember there is a heritage area on the banks of the Musi River. In addition, this region is also fairly densely populated so that it will be difficult if you have to acquire land.

"I wish this investor in a radius of about 100 meters or 200 meters from the River Musi so nice scenery. But this will be reviewed again," said Harnojoyo some time ago.

South Sumatra and Jakarta to host the Asian Games in 2018. As host, South Sumatra fix support facilities for the success of these activities.


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Residents: Legend find a mate in the island Kemaro

Legend or story event to find a mate at the moment of the Cap Gomeh Kemaro Island city of Palembang in South Sumatra, until now is still believed by some people of Chinese descent.

Every year celebrations centered Gomeh stamp on the island located in the middle of the Musi River, Chinese people from all over the country flocked to it, especially the youth, because hope will have good luck to meet a mate, said Chairman of the Organizing Committee Cap Gomeh Candra Husin in Palembang on Tuesday.

According to him, the tradition of seeking a mate behind the Cap Gomeh has been going on since 300 years ago, Chinese people, especially the youth to believe in a religious ceremony in the temple Hok Bio Ceng Kemaro held on the island will be reunited dating.

In temples that can be reached by crossing using a motor boat (boat engine-red) of the dock PT Pusri Palembang in travel time of five minutes is up on the island Kemaro perform ritual prayer and ask the Creator.

Usually local governments every celebration Cap Gomeh provide the water transfortasi tool for visitors free of charge, said Candra explained.

He explained that the tradition of the Cap Gomeh in mainland China are young people today are looking for a mate, old girls should not be out of the house, only when the Cap Gomeh should be allowed to meet with the boys to know each other.

With no story or a story to match the designation of any of the Cap Gomeh come here begging to be reunited mate, said Susan, one of the visitors of Jambi.

According to Diah, visitors from Palembang, on the island there is a tree Kemaro based story of love, if you write the name of a man's dream will become a lasting relationship and become a partner.

On the island there is a tree Kemaro believed the love which the Chinese community as a mate tree by specifying a prospective partner.

According to legend, Tan Bu An plunge into the Musi River looking calculated mustard sauce jars containing gold given by his parents, after marry a daughter named Siti Fatimah Palembang.

After seeing his girlfriend does not turn up to the surface of the river, the putripun go jump into the Musi River and up to now both sijoli was never seen again.

From where the two lovebirds are plunging, then comes the little island was submerged when the Musi River water tide though, until now known as Kemaro Island.

According to Chandra, traditions and legends make this a special attraction for the Chinese community in the city of Palembang in from all over the country and even abroad such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong to celebrate Cap Gomeh Kemaro Island.

Every year the Cap Gomeh not less than 70 thousand visitors, mostly ethnic Chinese to celebrate.

Moreover, in addition to the temple Kemaro Island, there is also a 45-meter-high pagoda became a tourist destination at the government as a promotional event of Palembang, he said.

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Cinde market will be built in a modern Palembang

- Market Cinde Palembang will be built in a modern way with not eliminate reflika long, so the place would be more comfortable as a traditional shopping center.

Senior Business Development PT Praja Supreme Atar Tarin told reporters after exposure before South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin in Palembang on Wednesday said it will rebuild the traditional markets to be more interesting.

However, he added, the construction will not eliminate the traditional market characteristics, so that the peculiarities of South Sumatra and the old buildings still exist.

The market development will also include community leaders around, so the trademark is not lost, he said.

Cende market development planned 12 level will spend around 225 billion.

This is because the market is Cinde not only as a shopping place, but there is also a hotel, he said.

South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin said it is in principle fully supports cende market improvement with the agreement does not rule out the old merchant.

Old trader should take precedence because it is also a place of their lives, he said.

In addition it should also be considered a parking lot, because in the region are often jammed, he said.

Meetings and exposure was also attended by Chairman of the Parliament of South Sumatra Province Giri Ramandha Kiemas as well as officials from the Government of Palembang.


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